The site has been online for a few years now, and within that time the site, and indeed myself , have grown and shifted direction a number of times. These changes have reflected in the site itself, with it appearing more cluttered and unwieldy on the surface at times, yet straining painfully towards a cohesion and logical pattern underneath. There haven't been too many updates lately, but that's because I've been establishing myself at a new studio, house, and indeed lifestyle. As I'm the most important person in my life, I haven't been too worried about the net.

In a number of ways, the site is a microcosm of myself, following the principle of "as above, so below" and the seemingly random shifts of content and context all have their place in the scheme. It's just a matter of my trying to sort out the right place for all the fragments! This is a natural part of the process of "becoming", and I hope in some small way that the site can provoke some progress in this direction for its readers. To judge from some of the email I've received, a number of people have been expecting this site to tell them how to come into being. I have no idea. I'm still struggling to get there myself, and I am certainly no guru. Anyway, I'm far too self-centred to waste time trying to tell anyone else when I could be using it to become myself.

On a similar subject, some people seem to have formed the opinion that I am anti-christian. This is not the case at all, although it could be inferred from some sections of the site, where I am somewhat scathing. I am, however, unashamedly anti-church. I believe that the original spirit and message of all the world's great religions have been corrupted and manipulated by a self-serving heirarchy, seeking to sustain their own power and prestige. A good example of this attitude in action can be seen in "The Passion Of Christ". What a movie,even if it is a bit prone to treating allegory as fact!! If you think for yourself, instead of blindly following like a flock of sheep, you'll soon find that all religion teaches the same concepts. (And most likely persecute you for doing so!) In the case of the big three, this is hardly surprising. Christianity and Islam have their roots in Judaism, which was blatantly based on the ancient Egyptian model.

I do not apologise for my views, but neither am I seeking converts. If you have an open mind, keep reading. Explore the tomb, and with it yourself. Keep an open mind, and think deeply on what you learn. The journey into yourself will aid in the process the Egyptians called coming into being. The site itself is unashamedly confrontational as it sets out to destroy many of society's sacred cows. If you can't face thinking logically about how we have all been brainwashed, how can you think honestly about the real you? If you're game, read on. If not, go your way, and I hope you find what you're looking for. It's simply that I much prefer being a hammer to being an anvil....

Side Chambers
This is the entrance to both the site and the tomb. This part contains a general background about the site, and as is suggested by the illustration of the tomb, is characterised by a noticable slope downwards, or, into the self.

The occultist Aleister Crowley once said that "Every man & Woman is a Star." The Ancient Egyptian God Set was said to rule the star Alpha Draconis, as well as being the first God ever recorded as slaying delusion. Crowley's statement, apart from recognising us all as being individuals, seems to infer that Set has a special relevance to all humans, regardless of their period of history. How? Within this site, you'll learn more about the many facets of the God of Storms, and who knows, maybe a little about yourself, as a creature of opposites & desires.

The worship of Set is the celebration of one's own individuality and uniqueness, the shattering of self-delusion, the achieving of Godhood itself! How can I say that? Ancient literature is full of hints, from Hermes Trismegistus and Jesus, all the way to Voltaire. In modern times, the worship of Set is once more becoming popular in certain circles, while Set, in an alternative form, appears in astrology. Set is basically the inventor of the theory that "Might is Right", and should find many more worshippers over the next few years if the course of human history is any indicator.

Browse the site, check ALL facts independently, keep an open mind, and above all, THINK FOR YOURSELF, rather than blindly follow the herd. I wish you well on your journey toward "becoming"!