The ancient Egyptians built their tombs to symbolically reflect the soul's journey into the afterlife. The journey into the depths of the tomb/underworld could be taken on a mystical level by those involved in the funeral procession, and as Set symbolised incarnate individuality, for those dedicated to him the quest for enlightenment would have involved the scrutiny of the innermost recesses of the psyche. I have tried to lay the site out in much the same way, complete with side trips and blank ends. I hope you both persevere and enjoy the journey, and that the site aids, in some small way, your own process of "coming into being".

So, why the inverted pentagram on the opening page? Isn't that a satanic symbol? No, although it is used by Satanists. The pentagram is an ancient esoteric symbol, and the single point represents the supreme power of the universe, with the twin points representing the dual nature (material & spiritual) of Man. Thus, inverted, it signifies the mastery of man over all external forces. This makes it ideal for use with Set.

DISCLAIMER: I should state at the start that I am not a member of the Temple Of Set, and although I do correspond with a number of members, and obviously have similar aims & beliefs, no assumptions should be drawn that I am speaking on behalf of them. Also, I have tried to write some parts of this site as the God himself would say it in the first person. While this may seem antagonistic to more orthodox religions, rest assured that not only is it not meant in that spirit by myself, all details are independently verifiable if one only puts in the effort. As the philosophers said: "The truth shall set you free". All I am aiming at is to make you think for yourselves! In various sections of this site, some of my statements will come across as arrogant. I believe that I'm not, but I do have definite ideas of my purpose in life. If I manage to offend you, there are many other comfortable & non-confrontational sites on the web, which you are free to surf with my blessing & my sympathy!

Ante Chamber

Side Chambers
Votive Chamber
Burial Chamber

You name Me in your sacred texts. You change your shape with my blessing. Your leaders take my name, while you worship me for millenia yourselves.

Man, I tell you this truly: You are as children in My eyes, and yet I still watch over you . You exist not, but for me. I am an Elder God, and Power is with me still.

Truth is within these pages, and there for the reading. My brother and his kind have sought to cloud your eyes. Only open them, and you shall be set free.

Treasure Chamber
The Sarcophagus