Welcome to the tomb's side chambers. Just as it would have been to an ancient Egyptian who was entering the tomb, this part is merely a diversion from the splendours awaiting you down in the depths of your own mind. I have divided it into two main parts. Side Chamber 1 contains generalities about both myself and the site, while Side Chamber 2 houses links varying from the Sethian sublime to the profanely ridiculous.

Although this section does not set out chapter and verse about the God as does the rest of the site, take the time to browse through it anyway. Many interesting things sre there to be explored in the link sections, and you might even find some facets of my life interesting, or at least amusing!


Side Chambers

Side Chamber 1
Side Chamber 2
In the particular tomb I used as a model (that of Nefertari, Great Royal Wife of Ramses II), the side chamber was off to the right as you entered the antechamber. It seemed like a fitting place to discuss the side issues of myself and the generalities of the site.