In keeping with the tomb's symbolic role of teaching the Mysteries, I intended this section of the site to convey that information whch encourages you to think and question for yourself.

It's only fair to warn you that in the past people were burned at the stake for far less than the sentiments expressed from now on. Please remember that although Christianity is the main focus of my venom on the following pages, it is in no way meant as an outright attack on that religion. For reasons that will become obvious, I actually have a fair amont of respect for it's teachings, but no respect at all for the way they have been applied by the Church. I pick on Christianity purely because it is the most visible manifestation of deliberate misguidance, superstition, and repression of free thought available to western society. The "great" mainstream religions of the world all suffer from the same flaw: great theory deliberately misapplied by a self-serving heirarchy for no other reason than to keep the flock subservient and manipulated. Abstract thought, no matter how well expounded, will never been seen in the same way by all who contemplate it. For this reason, if no other, think and reason it out for yourself!

Those of us who do think for ourselves are still treated as lepers or crackpots by our fellow man. Try it for yourself: point out the bible's inconsistancies to people around you. Even those who profess not to believe in religion will become uncomfortable or abusive. We have all been brainwashed into following the party line like sheep since birth. Although these are supposedly more enlightened times, paganism and other religions that are contrary to orthodox teachings still receive a hard time for daring to question. Do what you will!



Roman Propaganda
Acceptable Occultism
In the Treasure Chamber, we stand at the very threshold of discovering the purpose of the tomb. Likewise, we are at the same point in our journey into ourselves.